~SUICIDE VACCINE::Impulsive depression/self_injury prevention~

Saves lives!

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SUICIDE VACCINE is like CPR….you won’t use it on yourself, but can
save somebody’s life when the crisis begins because you now know how.~

Subject: ~RED ALERT**URGENT 2009 [CDC::”girl’s suicide rate
‘skyrockets’ 76%”…..WHAT is causing this?!? and, help STOP this!]~

{Re: CDC quote—76% ‘skyrocket’ rise is real danger
all across The Planet, [internet incited]
if girls commit suicide in an “epidemic”,
like the 1986 youth suicide epidemic in Omaha, NE that SUICIDE
VACCINE stopped~}

This is NOT “religion”, this is Reality, objective reality!

——->”Suicidal thoughts, up since Katrina, PTSD
survey says……..”
——->>WASHINGTON (AP)—-“Using anti-depressants
Increases the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior
among young people”—-
—[[CDC quote]]—->>>”Suicide rate among girls skyrockets 76%,
says Centers for
Disease Control & Prevention”<<<——-

Help spread these volunteer sites planet-wide [NO $$ asked] and
express real love & empathy!
~Impulsive Depression/Suicide is Endable!

~SUICIDE VACCINE, on the following sites~
[It works, which is the…

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